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Inspirasyon Essay Definition

Essay Example, Alternative Learning System

  Friday, July 17, 2015Albert Cueva

Topic: Sino ang iyong inspirasyon sa buhay?
Author: Albert Cueva

* Short Essay

Ang Aking Inspirasyon sa Buhay

Lahat tayo ay mayroong kani-kaniyang inspirasyon sa ating mga ginagawa at pinag-aalayan ng ating mga pangarap.

Ang aking inspirasyon ay ang aking ina. Araw-araw kong nararamdaman ang kaniyang pagmamahal at nasasaksihan ang pagsisikap upang mapakain at mapag-aral kaming magkakapatid. Nais kong masuklian ang kaniyang paghihirap kaya pagbubutihin ko ang aking pag-aaral para madaling makahanap ng trabaho nang sa gayon ay makatulong ako sa mga gastusin sa aming bahay. Magsusumikap ako nang husto sa aking trabaho at kapag ako ay mayroon nang sapat na ipon ay patitigilin ko na siya sa pagtatrabaho at pipiliting mabigyan ng mas maginhawang pamumuhay.

Sa pagdating ng araw na ako ay magiging magulang ay nais kong tularan ang pagiging mapagmahal at responsable ng aking ina.

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My Philosophy of Teaching Essay examples

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Philosophy of Education

Our convictions border every aspect of our lives from the monumental to the minute; for example, we possess a complex system of thought governing how we function as moral members of an often amoral society, and we utilize an equally complex system concerning our devotion to a favorite television show. However, the process of actualizing a philosophy is daunting. We rarely externalize our beliefs. Why? Are artists the only beings able to successfully translate the abstract into the concrete? Are we too lazy, too busy to question our convictions? Do we fear discovery of the possible irrational basis of our lives? Or, perhaps we are too afraid to realize the rigid walls bounding our existence. Whatever…show more content…

I needed to understand, to develop my own philosophy devised for my new role as a teacher. I knew I had to start thinking like a teacher, but I also knew I didn’t want to forget being a student.

Teaching is learning; learning is teaching.

The relationship between teaching and learning, I believe, recalls John Keats’ beauty and truth equation: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” The pair illustrates a symmetrical purity that is both obvious and profound. Symmetry exists in education, as well. One must learn in order to teach; one teaches in order to learn. The college degree does not signal the end of learning; it merely indicates that each graduate possesses adequate tools for the next phase of his or her educational process. Scholarship continues because recent research, fresh voices, and new events must be explored. Learning in my own discipline of English is an act of infinite fascination. For example, each writer leads the reader on an odyssey of discovery, seeking textual and contextual influences; each writer is continually examined and re-examined, adding volumes to the existing critical library; each writer inspires another, becoming the next force keeping the quest alive.

The teacher learns in the classroom as well. Each year dozens of fresh perspectives walk into a teacher’s world, increasing knowledge by the pound instead of by the page. It is here that the didactic must

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