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Two Ways To Belong In America Essay Summary Samples

Reading on Comparison and Contrast

For this reading response, you will learn about how to discuss comparisons and contrasts in essay form, and about how to organize your ideas for Major Writing Assignment 2.

A. In Models for Writers (the course text book), read pages 483-486 and pages 493-497.  I recommend marking down any new vocabulary words you encounter.

B. In 200-300 words, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between a “subject-by-subject” organizational pattern and a “point-by-point” organizational pattern? (See pages 483-484).
  2. Which pattern do you think Mukherjee uses in her essay to compare and contrast herself with her sister (Mira)? Justify your answer.
  3. In this essay, where does Bharati Mukherjee place her thesis? What is her thesis?

C. After everyone has posted, read your group members’ posts and provide a 50-150-word comment to explain whether you agree or differ in your interpretation of Mukherjee’s essay. You might even want to see other groups’ interpretations to see how the others interpreted this passage.


Section 8 (MW):
Wednesday, September 17 (reading response)
Friday, September 19 (comment on group members’ responses)

Sections 7 and 12 (TR):
Thursday, September 18 (reading response)
Saturday, September 20 (comment on group members’ responses)

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