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Essay For Nursing School Application

What is the purpose of a nursing school essay?

To understand the purpose is to find the meaning. Few or none of us have the knowledge that to be selected into a nursing school, one needs to write an essay. A nursing school essay is therefore a thesis paper that is written by applicants who want to join a particular nursing school. Students are then selected based on how well their essays are.

The purpose of this essay is to:

A selection criterion – The nursing school application essay written is used as a criterion to knock out applicants that are not qualified to join the nursing school.

To identify the person and character of the applicants – This essay requires applicants to write a personal nursing statement in which they state what they are good at, why they want to join nursing school and why the school board should consider the application.

Nursing school essay structure

The nursing school essay structure outlines the guidelines of how to go about writing a nursing school essay. A nursing school essay can be written in many formats but there are three key components that is:

  • the introduction,
  • the body
  • and the conclusion.

For nursing school essay writing to be easy you should follow these guidelines.

Structure elements writing

Outline writing


  • What they do – help deliver babies, check on new born babies to ensure they are healthy.
  • Why? – lost sister during child birth. Want to ensure no one else suffers the same loss, encourage those affected.
  • Vision – to be the best delivery nurse I can be. Ensure safety of all mothers.
  • Previous preparation – I have done an internship in a delivery hospital.
  • Achievement – helped deliver a baby for a mother stranded in traffic.
  • Experience – 1 year volunteer for Red Cross.
  • Academic interests – studied a certificate in general nursing.
  • Character – patient and empathetic.
  • Reasons for the institution – the best in the country. I was delivered there.

Having made a nursing school essay outline like the one above, it is now easier to start writing.

Tips concerning introduction writing:

  • The nursing school essay introduction is the most important part. Plan out what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and what you want to stand out in your essay. This will allow the flow and consistency while writing the essay.
  • In the introduction for nursing school essay, one should ensure they use their personal statement. The statement should be creative and unique.
  • Do not forget to state and explain how you became interested in joining the nursing profession. A short story would be preferable as it sounds real.
  • You should not leave out illustrations of what you have been doing in preparations to join the nursing course. It should be an indication of commitment.

Tips on thesis writing:

  • When writing a thesis, ensure that the statement identified is solvable or at least manageable.
  • The thesis is generally an abstract and explains to the reader what you are trying to say in your nursing school application essay.

Tips on body paragraphs:

  • Plan beforehand what you want to say. This will ensure that your essay is well subdivided and has the required flow. Ensure that the nursing school essay hooks the reader.
  • When writing a nursing school essay, avoid too many paragraphs. One should ensure that each paragraph carries a specific detail. It should be independent and straight to the point. For example, one paragraph could be about your qualifications, the next about your dreams and another about why you choose to be a nurse.
  • The transitions used for example, then, however and therefore should rhyme with the paragraphs. They should allow the flow from one paragraph to the next and should not be too repetitive.

Tips on conclusion writing:

  • Like any other application, your qualifications make you stand out.
  • For a good conclusion, ensure that you highlight some of your qualification both work and academic. This is information is later used as a test board when review is done.
  • This is the chance to explain your qualifications in details and to dig deeper into your achievements, volunteering and lessons learnt during the course of your training.

Finalizing the essay:

  • The conclusion for nursing school essay can either make or break the whole thesis.
  • In order to have the best conclusion, you should ensure that you write why you chose that particular nursing school.
  • You should explain the reasons why you want it. The reasons should be clear as the board of management should see that you chose them for a reason and not just because it was another nursing school.

Essay revision

A nursing school essay needs one to be fully prepared beforehand. This entails collecting the relevant information that paint a clear picture of who you are.

When revising a nursing school application essay it is important to find out the best topic for your essay.

Besides this, its revision is important as it will ensure you know what aspects of your life you are going to write about and this gives time for you to sieve the important details.

Essay proofreading

The purpose of proofreading is solely to check for errors. Proofreading allows you to change particular points of the essay to ensure they are correct and accurate. Basically it is dotting the Is and crossing all the Ts. Ensure that the essay is written in the specified style. In case you are stuck, there are sites and people who offer nursing school essay editing service and help.

Possible questions during essay presentation

The following is a sample of nursing school essay questions that one can ask themselves before writing.

Why should you plan?

Planning is important for consistency in nursing school essay writing. Planning ensures that you do not leave any important detail out. After planning, the outline for nursing school essay will be then used as a guide while writing.

Where do you write your qualifications?

Your qualifications should come at the end. This is where you state your qualifications in details and how they are relevant to your nursing career.

Why choose nursing?

This should be the easiest question. In order to sound appealing, an anecdote of what led you to it should be the red light. Your story should show your interest and love for nursing. It should show your passion and not just a fall back plan or any other job.

Why did you choose us?

This is a very delicate question as it shows how well you researched on the institution. It shows how important the institution is to you and how serious you are about pursuing your nursing degree. Any information you write about the institution should be true and well researched. You should ensure that your “nursing school essay conclusion” leaves a mark.

Nursing Essay Sample

The Nursing School Essay: Application Tips for Accelerated Nursing Programs

By Northeastern University Nursing | Published November 5, 2014

In this two part series, Northeastern University brings you application tips for accelerated nursing programs, starting with nursing school essay advice. While not a guaranteed acceptance, following this advice is a great start to a strong application.

Part I: How to Write an Effective Nursing School Essay

When applying for accelerated nursing programs in Boston, some of the best advice for getting into accelerated nursing school we can give you is to know what to expect in the nursing program application processes. Prerequisites, fees and other procedures are included as general admissions requirements, but the application process consists of various components that look beyond academic performance summarized through transcripts and into who the student applying is and why they wish to attend the program. The admissions committee looks through the applicant’s resume, letter of recommendation and personal statement to get a closer look at an applicant. Many nursing schools in Massachusetts require a nursing school essay that the applicant includes about themselves with details like why they would like to be nurse and why they are a good candidate for the nursing program. This allows the school’s admissions committee to get to know you as a potential student and find out what drives you as an individual. It also helps the admissions committee determine whether their nursing school will be a good fit for you as a future nurse and whether you will be a fit for the school.

1. Plan Your Essay

Writing a good nursing school essay is very important to getting your application considered and accepted. To do this effectively, you should spend a good deal of time planning your accelerated nursing school application essay. Highlight the items you want to include in your essay, summarize your personal story and incorporate your qualifications. Start your essay with an attention grabbing first topic statement to start your essay out strong. You want to let the reader get an idea of who you are and what nursing means to you. So plan out what it is you want to include and elaborate from there. Create an outline to work from that includes the below items.

2. Make Yourself Stand Out

Effective nursing school essays express your personality while convincing the reader you are the right candidate for the program. A great way to do this is by sharing a story about yourself or an experience that you had that led you to the decision to apply for nursing school or launched your desire to be a nurse. You want to use your essay as a tool to show why you should go to their school, versus simply stating why you want to go there. Use personal examples to make your essay more candid and attention getting. Share your motivation for wanting to attend that program and what inspires you.

3. Share Your Dreams

Getting into a good accelerated nursing school and earning your degree is essential in making your dreams of becoming a successful nurse come true. Your personal statement should include the long-term goals you have for you career in nursing. If your goal is to help children or if you wish to  advance your degree to become a specialty nurse, express this. Admissions committees are interested in hearing what your long-term goals are; goals illustrate that potential students are determined, which can lead to a better performance in school. Be as specific as you can with your goals. Check out our tips on setting education goals for your nursing degree program for some additional help.

4. Show that You Care about People

As a nurse, your job will consist of caring for people around the clock in a positive and friendly way while efficiently taking care of their healthcare needs. It takes a certain type of selfless person to become a nurse, and you want to show you that you are that kind of person. Give examples of times when you went above and beyond to care for a loved one or a stranger. Let the committee know that you are passionate about caring for others. Empathy in nursing is a great quality to have.

5. Explain Your Qualifications

Your academic and work qualifications are recorded for review on your transcripts, test scores and resume. However, those qualifications are only listed and don’t go into detail, which means the admissions committee may not understand what you took out of those experiences. Use the essay as an opportunity to go into more detail about what your education, practice and participation in volunteer opportunities or internships taught you that you can apply to your education at the nursing school. If you are looking for ways to beef up your resume and nursing application with experience, look into these volunteer opportunities in health care in Boston.

6. Tell the Admissions Committee Why You Want to go to Their School

For some applicants, simply getting into a good nursing school is the most important factor. For others, going to a specific nursing school, such as Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Science, is very important to them. Whatever your reason for applying to that specific nursing school is, you want to include those reasons in your essay. Share stories about your mother who was a graduate of that program or a friend who suggested you go there. They will want to know why you chose them when they are deciding whether to accept you as a student.

By following these nursing school essay application tips for accelerated nursing school on how to write an exceptional nursing essay, you will be getting into the nursing school of your dreams in no time. If you have decided that you want to pursue your degree with one of the Northeastern University accelerated nursing programs, call us today at 1.866.892.3819 or send us your information so we can contact you.

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