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50 Best Moms Essay Winners

It hurt that you chose your new family over us
1st place $50

* editor’s note: the students’ full names have been withheld by L.A. Youth to protect their  families’ privacy.

By Vivian

Dear Dad,
It’s 5:16 p.m. in the United States, which means it’s 8:16 a.m. in Vietnam right now and I wonder what you’re doing as I write this to you. How is your business going? How is your life now that it’s been almost 11 years since you left us? I bet you’re basking in relaxation and luxury in your four-story house right now. Do you miss me? I didn’t think so.

You know, sometimes I find it funny that people tell me I look like you rather than Mom—that I have your eyes or your nose. But I don’t even know what your eyes or your nose look like and as I try to remember, I only get a vague blur of images—images of a stranger. And it scares me to think that every day, as I look into the mirror, you’re there within me. And it hurts. What if one day I turn into you? What if one day I leave my family—forgetting everything I left behind?

I wonder if your new son resembles you, too, because that would mean he resembles me. And I wonder when you were planning to tell us that you had a new son and a new wife, or rather, a whole new family, if we were ever considered your family in the first place.

You didn’t think I knew about them did you? But I do. And when I overheard Mom speak to a friend about it, in her sweet but broken voice, there was a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I was there when she bought that calling card that she used to call you that day. I should have stopped her. I’ve told her so many times that it was futile calling you, whether it was to ask for money because you don’t send child support or if it was your own daughter’s birthday and you didn’t remember.

But what she doesn’t understand is that I don’t want your money and I don’t want your help. Because I’m proud of how we are able to go through life without you. Because I didn’t need you when I started school the first day. Because I didn’t need you when I blew out the candles on my 10th birthday cake. Because I didn’t need you to catch me when I fell and I don’t need you now.

And those are the unspoken words that I’ve longed to tell you during our awkward conversations on the phone, which last, at most, two minutes. Because even though we seem perfectly compatible on the surface, I would honestly just like an excuse to hang up and for once let you feel the resounding loneliness of the dial tone. And although you’ll probably never receive this letter, I am writing this just to tell you how much pain you’ve put us through. But I am also writing this to you because I want to thank you; thank you for making every single member of this family stronger.

Because I remember when I was little, I used to wonder what life would be like if you were still here. Would it be better or worse? For years, I’ve been running on an empty gas tank, pretending that you’re just gone on a long business trip. But I have been running for so long that I don’t know where I’m running to, or what I’m running from anymore. Was I really running from the past that I couldn’t face? Or was I running away from the present—the reflection of you that I saw every day in the mirror—the person who I didn’t want to become?

But one day I stopped running. I not only acknowledged you, but I also acknowledged the fact that you were gone. I was done feeling guilty for your actions and what you’ve done to us and I was done punishing myself for it. I knew that I couldn’t stop you from leaving. I knew that I could be anyone that I wanted to be and I knew I wasn’t you—even if our eyes and nose were identical—I was just me. Thus, I finally stopped stalling the inevitable and eventually accepted the fact that you were never coming back because sometimes, that’s all we’re capable of doing—moving forward.    

I just hope that you treat your new wife better than you’ve treated Mom, and my new stepbrother better than you’ve treated Larry and me. Maybe someday our paths will cross again, but as I laid there, in the unnerving silence, listening to Mom whisper about your new family, I knew this would be the last $10 calling card we would spend on you. I knew this was our final goodbye. And I opened and closed my eyes over and over again, like taking a picture—burning these memories into my heart somewhere—every tick of the clock, every droning sound of bitterness and every last teardrop.

Do you love me Mom?

2nd place $30

By Nicole

Dear Mom,
I wish that you understood how I felt without me having to say anything. But I know that you don’t. I always pay for you to eat with me, and fill up your gas tank when you take me back home because sometimes I feel like if I don’t, you won’t ever come to see me. Like, if I don’t have the money it will be a problem. I know that if it wasn’t absolutely necessary for you to take anything from me, you wouldn’t. I understand that you’re struggling financially, and I don’t mind helping you out. But when I’m broke will you spend your last dime on me?

I guess I really just wish that you’d pick up your phone once in a while, and not just call me when you feel like it. I wish that you would call me just to say hi. What if I was in trouble and you didn’t answer the phone like you usually do, what would happen then? I know you don’t like talking on the phone, but don’t you miss me? Don’t you worry, or want to know where I am and what I’m doing?

When I see your face I know it brightens up my day. When I see you I know I don’t ever want you to leave. Do you feel the same? I don’t think you do, Mom. That’s why I cry occasionally when I’m lying in bed at night. Although it’s nice being able to live with friends who care about me, I’m only 16; I’m not ready to let you go.

I want to tell you how I feel, and how worried I am about you day in and day out. But if I told you face to face, would you listen? Mom, please tell me that you would at least care. I love you so much; your not being there is hurting me. I’m not asking you to stop having fun and spend every second with me, I just want it to be like it used to be, not perfect. I just want us to be together, like a family’s supposed to.

If things keep going the way they’re going with us, I will still love you, Mom. I will love you even if you took a knife and killed me yourself. But I’m going to stick my head up and stop crying, because there’s no use in making myself feel worse. I just wish you’d take the time to understand. But one thing you can’t force on anybody is unconditional love. That is a decision made only by one’s heart.

Stop pushing me so hard

3rd place $20

By Troy

Dear Mom and Dad,
Have you ever wished you could tell someone something, such as how you feel about one’s decision, but you just didn’t have the courage to confront them? Well, let’s just say I have a bag full of them, ranging from stealing my little sister’s candy to getting kicked out of the Northridge Mall.
There are many things that I kept secret from you because of my lack of courage and I regret doing so, but I just don’t want to leave my comfort zone. However, there is one thing that I have kept in my heart from the first day of school, and I have never had the guts to tell you until now: I hate the way that you force me to study.

In school everyone calls me by the name "Asian" because I excel in all of my classes. Whenever they do, I try to laugh it off because they think that I was born smart, but they have no idea how hard I have to study at home. "Troy, stop playing your guitar and study for your test for next Wednesday!" is what you tell me practically every day. Every time I tell my friends how hard you push me to study, they laugh and stand there in disbelief, wondering what would happen if their parents did that to them. I tell them how you took away my TV from my room because I had a B in Algebra 2, how you never let me watch TV during the weekdays, and how I can play my guitar only until 8. My friends usually tell me that I’m practically living in jail, since my parents never, ever, ever, ever let me go out and hang out with my friends during the semester.

If this was all that happened to me I would be OK, but there’s more, a lot more. You always choose my courses for me in school and leave me no slack whatsoever. For example, in my junior year all my classes—except for PE and Spanish—will be AP classes. You guys never let me say what I want, it’s only what you want me to do. I know that you want me to succeed in life, but you’re not giving me any room to breathe. It’s only what you say. It’s not like I had a decision when I was born, I didn’t choose to be smart. But treating me as if studying is everything, I don’t have any time to have fun now!

Another thing I hate is when you force me to join certain clubs. I was never able to choose the clubs I wanted to. I wanted to join the fashion, anime and film clubs, but you rejected what I wanted in a heartbeat. When I go to all the clubs that you want me to, I have no more time during lunch to hang out with my friends in the hall. I know that your best interest for me is to get accepted into a prestigious university, but now I have to give up my social life just to do so! It’s as if I am a social outcast at school!

Don’t take this the wrong way though. I do want to succeed in life and go to a prestigious university, but I want to learn to make my own decisions and do what I want to do, since you can’t be there with me every step that I take on the road of life. I want to learn to be more independent and make my own decisions. I know that your intentions for me are good; you want me to have a better life than you had and you want a son who can make you proud. Don’t worry, I promise that I will do these both. I will go to college, get a job and make you proud. All I want you to do is to realize that I am no longer a baby. I wasn’t trying to offend you in this letter, but instead tell you how I feel. I just want you to learn to let go! I love you Mom and Dad!

For this special essay contest, instead of writing an essay, L.A. Youth is asking you to submit a poem—a sonnet, haiku, free verse or other form. It must not have been previously published. Keep in mind that writing poetry takes work and if you want to win our contest, you will have to spend time on your poem, revising it until it’s just right. We encourage you to draw inspiration from such poets as Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg.  Your poem should be emotionally honest, but avoid cliches. Use your own words and original phrases to express yourself. Use vivid imagery to describe places, sounds and smells. And most importantly, your poem should be understandable. There is no point expressing yourself if others can’t understand what you’re saying. Only one entry per person.

Include your name, school and telephone number with your poem. The staff of L.A. Youth will read the entries and pick three winners. Your name will be withheld if you request it. The first-place winner will receive $50. The second-place winner will get $30 and the third-place winner $20. Winning poems will be printed in our May-June issue and put on our Web site at www.layouth.com.
Mail your Poems to:
L.A. Youth
5967 W. 3rd St. Ste. 301
Los Angeles CA 90036

DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, April 21, 2006

In 1992, the Southwest Orlando Bulletin— then just a little more than 6 years old — introduced what has become a Southwest Orlando institution — the annual Best Mom in Southwest contest. Now in its 25th year, the contest is a way for child and adult residents alike to express to their moms how important they truly are.

It seems that mothers are perpetually protecting their children from the ills of the world, tirelessly cooking and cleaning, and preparing their children for adult life, all while managing to somehow be the kindest and gentlest women, despite occasionally having to dole out discipline.

Congratulations to this year’s winners: Maryfer Alvaro, overall winner; Jillian Sendin, 12-and-older winner; Anna Gordon, 9-11 winner; and Paige Baggett, 8-younger winner; and all of our honorable mentions. They join a long list of past participants who believe that their mothers are truly the best.

Overall winner

Maryfer Alvaro of Belmere, overall winner, is pictured with best mom Susana Alvaro.


Maryfer Alvaro, 14


Best Mom: Susana Alvaro

Unlike a Marvel superhero, my mom may not be able to save the world from a catastrophe, but she will definitely keep my life from crumbling. She, who cannot even kill a lone cockroach, has the power to shield me from the dangers of this world with opportune advice and wisdom. Despite her demanding job, she always makes time to be my best friend and be there for me. Even though I adore my friends, in the end my mom is my MVP and No. 1. It is through her daily sacrifices that show me her unrestricted love for me and true concern for my well-being. Just like when she gave up everyone and everything by coming to America in hopes of giving my sister and me a better chance at life.

She pushes me to try new things and encourages me to break down my boundaries. It is no secret my mom is not too keen on me juggling millions of after-school activities, yet she will forever be the first to clap when I achieve my goals, the one to rush to my side, backing me up should I ever fall short. Like every young girl, I perceive my mom as an eternal, invincible force, always there to give me hope to carry on and protect me. And during those times when everything seems impossible, it is she who whispers in my ear, “Impossible, why the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’”

12-AND-older winner

Jillian Sendin of Eden Isle, winner in the 12-and-older age group, is pictured with best mom Janette Sendin.


Jillian Sendin, 13

Eden Isle

Best Mom: Janette Sendin

According to dictionary.com, a mother is defined as a female parent, but a mom is so much more. She is the woman in your life who unconditionally loves you from birth, the one who constantly puts everyone’s needs — especially her children’s — before her own, and the one who you can always depend on to be there when everyone turns their backs.

No matter how long her day is and no matter how tired she is, she is there to cater to your every need. She is always there to give advice, even though it’s not always what you want to hear. A mom has your best interest at heart, pushes you to do better, and does everything in her power to ensure you have a good future. She is there to listen, be a shoulder to cry on, and stands by her child’s side in every situation without fear of judgement. She does the work of 50 people without pay and does not complain.

A mom is disrespected time and time again. Despite the amounts of pain and anger a child causes her, she will never leave his or her side. A mother’s love is rare and incomparable to anything. There are not enough words to define the word “mom.” My mom, Janette, is the perfect physical embodiment of each and every one of these attributes.

9-11 winner

Anna Gordon of Windermere, winner in the 9-11 age group, is pictured with best mom Maggie Gordon.


Anna Gordon, 10


Best Mom: Maggie Gordon

There is no doubt that my mom is the best mom in the Southwest. Despite our large family, she is always there for me. I’m the middle child of a family of nine kids. I have three sisters and five brothers.

My mom is constantly working to care for our family. In the morning, she helps us get ready for school, packs our lunches and drives most of us to school. Every day, she does more laundry than many mothers do in a week, cleans and serves homemade meals. She does all this while holding and taking care of a baby.

Despite all this work, my mom is loving and caring. Every night, she prays with me and kisses me good night. When I’m sick, she makes time to care for me. Most importantly, she hugs me and loves me when I’m sick. She encourages me to do many activities, even when I know they make her busier. Last fall, my mom and I ran a 5K together. Recently, she drove our school’s whole Odyssey of the Mind team to our competition.

In conclusion, my mom is clearly the best in Southwest. Even with eight siblings, my mom makes me feel special. I can’t tell you in words how much I love her. It’s like a deep feeling in my soul, filled with love, faith, joy and forgiveness. My mom is the best mom in the world!

8-and-younger winner

Paige Baggett (right) of Lake Fischer Estates, winner in the 8-and-younger age group, is pictured with best mom Michelle Baggett and sister Ashley.


Paige Baggett, 8

Lake Fischer Estates

Best Mom: Michelle Baggett

My mom is hardworking, because she has a very hard job to do, and she comes home and continues to help my sister and me with our homework. Even though she works hard, she allowed us to get another puppy.

My mom is loving, because she snuggles with me. She also hugs me a lot, like 100 times a day. One day, I had the best night ever. I snuggled with my mom while we were watching a movie together. I know my mother loves me because she tells me a lot, and I will always remember this. One of the things I love the most about my mother is that she is positive. She is always happy. My mother fought cancer two times, and she never gave up. I will keep cheering her on. She will stay positive in my life. I will, too, just the way she taught me.

I am very blessed to have a mother as nice as this one. I would never trade her in for anything. She is a treasure that I love with all my heart.

Honorable Mentions

Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mom, Mommy.

Oh, there you are. I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. It’s Mother’s Day, and this is why you’re the best and only mom in the world.

The first reason is that you’ve helped me with almost all of my obstacles in life, like dealing with a bully in first grade. You also helped me with really hard reports or projects in elementary school. You helped me get friends in second grade, because nobody hung out with me at all, but you helped me. So, thank you for helping me.

The next part is that you let me watch little-kid stuff. If you didn’t let me, then I wouldn’t be your little angel anymore. I also wouldn’t like the stuff that I like now, like Digimon, anime, Scooby-Doo, toys, Legos, Mega Bloks and action figures. Thank you for letting me be a little kid again.

Thank you for helping me with elementary school, letting me be your little angel again, and letting me be the man of your house. Happy Mother’s Day to the best and only mom in the world.

Grant Celano, 11


My mother has six children, something not all women can deal with. She has been taking care her children since 1988, when my oldest brother was born, and continues to take care of my older sister and me. I admire her because she taught me to persevere no matter what. My mother ran three marathons and many little triathlons over the years. Back in 2012, she ran the Disney marathon in January, and it was freezing. People were dropping out, but she kept running to the end.

She always says to me — usually when I need to clean my room — “Laziness gets you nowhere.” I take that to heart. She has a huge heart and loves helping people, especially children. She worked with mentally handicapped people for two years, and now she teaches preschool kids physical education. I once asked her if she ever wanted to do anything other than teaching, but she said no, it is what God wanted her to do. It is her faith and loyalty to the Lord that helped us through all the stuff our family went through. She rarely ever misses a church service and loves helping friends through their problems.

My mom home-schooled all her children. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom, because there isn’t one to me. The love in her heart is immense. I can’t  put into words how much she means to me, and for that, she deserves the world.

Hope Miller, 14

Sand Lake Hills

Who’s the mom who saves the day? My mom! My mom is funny, supportive and creative. She always knows what to do, no matter the problem. First and foremost, my mom is funny, without a doubt. She can take any day and turn it into a fun one. For example, last week I slept weird on my arm. With a few of my mom’s jokes, I felt better. As you can see, my mom is funny.

Along with being funny, my mom is supportive of my choices. She understands, and I can talk to her. She tells me to be kind when I do something wrong. On hard homework questions, my mom explains the problem and helps me find the answer.

Last but not least, my mom is creative. In hard situations, like me losing my lunchbox, she finds a way to solve the problem. She has crazy strategies for crazy problems, like me taking my foul-tasting medicine. To conclude, without my mom I wouldn’t get all the jokes, support and creativity I need.

Olivia Clark,

Windermere Harbor

What person in my family knows how I feel when I get sad, cares for me and helps me to believe in myself, telling me “You can do it, Micaela?” My mom.

My cool, smart, beautiful mom is the best in the Southwest. For a fact, my mom goes around the world encouraging others by speaking motivationally. The best thing about my mom is that she is proud of me no matter what. She loves me just the way I am, and I’m in a wheelchair. She encourages me to keep moving and stay strong. Another special thing about my mom is she makes my favorite dinner, curry chicken, before I get home from school. I love my mom all the way up to God and back to Earth. She reminds me of Wilma Rudolph, who was a famous athlete. She never gave up, just like my mom. That’s why my mom is the best in Southwest.

Micaela Markland,


Friends and family play large roles in who we are and who we will become. The biggest influence may be our family. My mother is mine. She taught me everything, from how to eat healthy and dress myself to how to react to situations. She taught me little things, like how to tie my shoes and to be polite and respectful. She listens to, calms and cares about my bad moods. I would be lost without my mother. I trust her, and she’s really important to me.

My mother is my security blanket. No matter how bad a day she has, she is there to listen. I talk to her about everything. We laugh, sing, dance and get crazy. Even if she’s tired after a long day at work, she is still eager to hear me squeal about my exciting day or vent about how overwhelming life can be. She puts up with my mood swings, my constant chatter and continuous requests, and she still manages to keep our home — and everyone in it — in order. Whenever something becomes too much for me, she is there calming me down.

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

She does this all with a smile, even when I forget to say thank you.

Isma Faisal, 11 

Windsor Landing

You think your mom is the best in Southwest, but that means you don’t know my mom. It’s too obvious that my mom is the best. Let’s start with describing my mom. She used to be an ELA and social studies teacher. She liked social studies better, because she liked learning about our world. She also has common mom qualities, like kindness, helpfulness and fairness, and she likes to know all the answers.

She is important to our family, because she is a home-mom, the hardest job in the world, which you don’t get paid for, but at least she is always with us. She also cooks for the family.

She is special to me, because I can always talk to her. We like making potato skins, which we have made only once. Sometimes my mom reads to me. She helps me with my homework and explains it very well. She knows a lot of the answers. As you can see, my mom is the best, but if you think I’m wrong, then you are crazy. Hopefully you understand that my mom is the best in the whole universe.

Ethan Sorrow,


You may think that your mom is the best shining mom in Southwest, but I think my mom is the best shining star in the whole world. My mom is the best mom, because she makes the best soups and salads. She is the best basketball coach. She sometimes reads to me on the couch, and she believes in me and my sister.

My mom works at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. She is a pediatrician. She helps kids feel better, and she is a hero because she saves them. She is special to me, because she is cute, funny, sweet and kind. She is also special because she is the greatest doctor in the world. I believe in my mom because she is really smart.

Who could have a better mom than my mom? Let me guess. No one. That is why my mom is the best mom in the world.

Maya Srikantan,

Westminster Landing

Ever since the word “mama” made its way into my 1-year-old vocabulary, I’ve noticed many selfless things my mother does to care, love and provide for me. She has used this time to provide everything from clean laundry to good food that fills my stomach every night.

My mother is up every morning before I am and is still up when I go to bed. She puts my needs before her own and comforts me when she needs comforting. If both my mom and I have a hard day, she puts that bright and encouraging smile on her face and consoles me without letting me know that she feels the same way. My mother does so much, all because of her unconditional love for me.

My mom really listens to me. Sometimes, it’s her complete silence and listening ears that make me feel better instantly. When I have something difficult I’m going through, she hears me out and offers the best advice she can. Even though my problems may seem small to her, she listens to me with all the care in her heart. Then she tells me how she believes in me and loves me. I can tell her anything because she stays calm and listens.

My mother is the best one there is. I know all children say that about their mothers, but I think she is the best for me. I love her, she loves me, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Sophia Borrero, 11 

Vista Royale

All mothers are great mothers, but I think my mother is the best mom in Southwest. I love my mother just like anyone else loves theirs. These are three reasons why my mother is the best.

My mom has a lot of humor. She always finds a way to make me laugh. Sometimes she blows my mind with funny jokes. Most of the time, my dad and I prank my mom. She is the best to prank.

My mom is always there for me. She helps with my problems about friends and family members. She helps with my homework when it’s too difficult to understand. But what makes me the happiest is that she understands my feelings and tries to make me happy.

Without a doubt, my mom loves me no matter what. If I lie to her, she forgives me. If I get mad at her, she explains what happened and makes it up to me. Finally, my mom accepts who I am and what I do.

Vanessa Campos, 10

Keenes Pointe

My mother is the best in Southwest. She kisses me when I’m hurt. She helps me with my homework. She’s always there for me. She takes good care of me, and she loves me. She reads to me every night. I learn more when I get read to. She feeds me every night and day so I don’t get hungry. She sleeps with me when I’m scared, and she hugs me as well. She leaves me notes when she goes to work. She buys me toys and things I want.

My mom saves people who are sick. She’s a hero at what she does, because she’s a nurse. She gets notes from her patients about how she helps them and makes them feel better. She takes me for walks. She makes me feel better. She makes people happy, and she loves me very much.

Gwenyth Berry,

Stoneybrook West

My mom is the best in the world. She is so special that she gave me birth. She is the best, because she plays football with me. My mom is wonderful, because she protects me. I like when my mom bakes my favorite food. She is awesome, because she makes my birthday so fun.

Kyle Drewes,

Westminster Landing

My mom is fun, and she is very nice and hardly ever gets mad at me. She is cool and a very good driver who has never gotten into a car crash. She is 29 years old. She needs glasses to drive, and she was 19 when I was born.

My mom is special to me and my family, because she always breaks up fights, and she can make a good Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans. We all love her, and I know for a fact that my family couldn’t live without her. She has been in my life for a long time.

My mom is important to me, because she takes care of me, like when I’m hurt or scared or even being bullied. I could never live without her, because she is so amazing to me and my family. My mom is good at exercising and cooking, and she bought new Nike shoes. We went to the pool during spring break.

My mom keeps us safe, and she is the most important person in our family. That is why she is the best in Southwest.

Deztiny Arita,


When I was little, my mom and I had some tough moments. I didn’t always follow the rules like I should have. Even when I disappointed her the most, she never stopped loving me and always believed my next choice would be a better one. As she said, “It’s much easier to say yes than it is to say no.” Thank you, Mom, for all the times you told me “No.”

She taught me what a truly exceptional mother is. Now that I have two boys of my own, I appreciate her more every day. She taught me that it’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. She taught me to stay strong, even during the toughest of days. She taught me that the love you have for your family is what life is all about, and if you blink, you just might miss something really good.

She reminds me that even when you’re tired or busy, stop to give those bedtime snuggles or to play firetrucks one more time. It could be the last time they ask you to.

Because of you, Mom, I can embrace precious moments I may never get again, and I can be the mom that I’ve always dreamed of being. You’ve shown me what being a patient, loving and determined mother is all about, and I am forever grateful for that. You are my inspiration and my best friend. I’m definitely the lucky one.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Heather Allen, adult 

Stoneybrook West

It was obvious from the first moment my mom laid her eyes on my tiny, fragile body that she loved me wholeheartedly. The twinkle in her eyes glowed brighter than any star in the sky as she smiled down at me. In my opinion, my mom is the best mom in the universe. She has guided me through all obstacles in life and taught me everything I know. From taking my first steps to how to cook a meal, she taught me well, but most importantly, she taught me with love.

Whenever I’m gloomy, she does something silly to bring my smile back to my face. When I cry, she wipes the tears from my face and takes me into her embrace. Even through the hard times, my mom has a big smile on her face that tells me it will be OK. My mom is my foundation and the person I can go to for anything. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’d never trade my mom for anything in this world, because she is irreplaceable.

My love for my mom is like a fountain that is overflowing with water. I could write a list that goes to the moon and back with amazing things about her, but these little things about her are what touch me the most.

Mom, I love you forever and always.

Sarah Joseph, 12 

Frisco Bay

My mom is the best in the West.

She looks pretty in a dress.

She always gets me treats.

My mother is just so sweet.

She can’t be beat,

‘Cause she’s strong, not weak.

She cared,

Because she isn’t scared.

Never mess with my mom.

Lojeen Belal, 10 

Southwest Orlando

From the sensational moment she was born, my mom stood out as a passionate leader. She stepped fearlessly forward and took great care of her two younger siblings so that her own hard-working mom could work three tiring jobs for them. Even now, my outstanding mom works hard with a gleaming smile on her face to provide for me.

She is grateful for what she has and is the most big-hearted person I’ve ever known. She stays strong throughout the storms of disappointment and struggles of life. She loves and protects me while working hard at everything she does. She is a brave woman who I am blessed to have.

I love my mom with every miniscule inch of my heart. I look up to her with accepting eyes and learn the values of life in positive perspectives. She taught me everything I know and always finds ways to make a laugh out of something. I feel her warm love wrap around me and secure me away from my troubles with kind words and lectures. I know that she wants the best for me.

She is there to catch me before I fall and pick me up when I do. She’s been there and will always be my hero. I love and thank my gracious mom.

Hannah Nixon, 12 

Windermere Downs

My mom is an amazing woman, because of all the things she has dealt with in her life. When I was only 6 months old, my father passed away. Due to this situation, my mother had to raise four children on her own. She also home-schooled us, which is not an easy task.

My siblings and I have been interested in sports at some point during our lives, which means my mom has spent countless weekends driving us to and from practices, games and rehearsals. On top of taking care of her own four children, my mom is about to house one, or possibly two, foreign-exchange students.

I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been to put three kids through college. In addition to the financial burden of paying for my siblings’ tuitions, my mom bought a house in Gainesville for all my siblings who attended the University of Florida. She also bought a house for my brother and his wife, and is allowing them to pay her back monthly. The number of trials my mother has faced in her lifetime has been more numerous than any mother should have to handle, and that is why I love her.

Luke Silbernagel, 13 


What mom sits around and says, “What should I do today?” or “I have plenty of time to take a nap.” Definitely not my mom. She is here, there and everywhere. My mom is more than just the best mom in Southwest, she is the best mom in the universe. My mom doesn’t just take me to school, drive me to cheer, and feed me dinner. She also volunteers at my school at least three hours a week and, especially, during weeks we have fundraisers

I am a cheerleader, which takes hours, weeks and months of practice to make everything perfect. But through it all, my mom cheers me on, takes me to competitions, and if my team doesn’t do well, she says, “Today just wasn’t the team’s day, but tomorrow is another day to try even harder.” She thinks I am so good that she is willing to drive to Atlanta for a cheer competition.

My mom is always there for me. She is encouraging throughout any process. My mom reaches for the moon and goes out of her way to make me the best Mackenzie I can be. I know she loves me so much. She is the best mom anyone could have. I am glad to be her daughter, and she is thrilled to be my mom.

Mackenzie Rearden, 11 

Lake Down Cove

From the moment that I came into the world, my mom has loved me dearly, and I can say the same about her. Nobody in the entire world could ever step into the place of my mom. It would never be the same. I can’t put into words how much my mom means to me. My mom is so brave to take on the world by herself. She is my biggest influence and role model.

My mom is the most fearless person I know. Even when things get tough, she is there for me. She goes for it no matter the outcome. She never cares what people think about her or if people don’t like her. To me, that seems hard, but she makes it look easy.

Another one of my mom’s amazing traits is that she is determined. Ever since she became a single mom, she has been dedicated to making sure my brother and I grow up in a happy household. I love her for that, because without that quality, my brother and I wouldn’t be as happy as we are.

My mom is beautiful. She is not just beautiful on the outside; she is also beautiful on the inside. She is overall just a beautiful person, from the way she dresses to her outstanding personality. I couldn’t ask for a better mom. I’m not saying my mom is perfect; I’m just saying she is perfect for me.

I love you, Mom.

Maggie Scott, 10 

Westfield Lakes

My mom is the best. I love her more than the moon and stars. She helps me with problems like when I’m bullied or hurt. I appreciate everything she does. She makes me laugh. She’s nice, fun and funny. She is perfect, in my opinion.

Once, I flew off my RipStik and fell on my face. She heard a scream and came running. She picked me up and started running back home with me in her arms even though she’s not that strong — no offense, Mom. Now, she is going to go to Universal Studios with me. I really wanted her to and am so excited.

My mom is hilarious and makes me laugh. I was doing this video, and she started acting like a cat. I put a song on called Shake It Off, and she started dancing. She makes a lot of funny faces. Plus, she loves animals. She talks to them. We have seven animals.

She loves being nice and never puts anyone down. My mom goes to my recitals and cheers me on. She takes up her time to go places I want to go, like Target, Universal Studios and Disney. She takes care of me when I’m sick. Once, I was sick, and she had a dentist appointment. She didn’t go; she stayed home and kept me company.

She does everything for my family and is my superhero. The point is, she is the best mom in the whole universe.

Elyse Segall, 10 

Windsor Hill

My mom is the best, because she encourages me a lot. When I ask her a question, she answers it. When I want to have a friend over, she says, “Maybe.” Even if she is working on the house, she answers my question.

When I go to the doctor and get scared, she says, “It is OK.” When I go on a scary roller coaster, she tries to comfort me, and it works! My mom reads me a chapter from a book every night.

She bought me bedding for my guinea pig, Runt. She even bought me new clothes that are adorbs. When I’m with a friend, she knows I want to have fun. She says, “Emma, you can clean your room after everyone is gone.”

My mom does everything she can to help me feel better. When I’m sick, she brings me hot chocolate and popsicles, and makes me milkshakes that are healthy.

In the morning, she helps me get ready for school. She tries her hardest to take care of four children. That is hard. My mom is really nice, and everyone loves her, especially me.

Emma Rains,

Keenes Pointe

Boom! My mom being the bomb.com. My mom, Tracy Adams, is the “creator” of me. She is the sleepiest, bravest and most popular mom ever.

First and foremost, my mom is a leader. My mom does her best to help people stay healthy and fit. She has tough love and does not give up easily. She helps make money, and my family donates a lot.

My mom is unselfish to others. She encourages my progress both in school and out. She works for others. She loves to buy me cool things like new clothes. This year, she bought my brother’s first new pair of underwear. When I’m sick, she calls the doctor.

To add more fuel to the fire, my mom is determined. She did so much so she could have kids that she has love to spread and people to help. My mom is thankful for all that she has and will have in the future.

Thus, my mom is the best mom in Southwest — no, the universe. My mom is brave, successful and trustful. I could go on for a thousand pages. I love my mom for who she is.

Delaney Adams, 10 

Westfield Lakes

My mom is the world’s best mom ever, because she takes good care of me by giving me proper food and drinks. My mom tells me to wear the right clothes each day. If it is too cold, I bring a jacket. If I want to eat something, she says yes, if it’s healthy. She takes me to my piano class at the right time and gives me food on the way.

She helps me stop the people who bully me, so when I tell my mom that someone is mean to me, she helps. When I go wild, she calms me down. We watch Netflix together. We tell each other secrets. When I get hurt, supermom to the rescue! When I cry, she makes me happy. That is why she is the best mom.

Hadassah Vieira,

Winter Garden

Mom, when I was born, it was hard. You had to take care of four children all by yourself. You were the father and mother to me. You are smart, beautiful, kind and one heck of a mom. You make sure there’s food to eat, clothes washed to wear, a place to sleep, and way more that you don’t have to do but still do it, because you love and care for me. Besides loving and caring for me every day, you fill my heart with happiness and laughter that make me feel good inside. My mom is not only the best in Southwest, but in the world. My mom is better than a shooting star or a double-scoop, triple-sprinkled ice-cream cone.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world. I could never ask for anyone better than you.

Kaitlyn Bagley, 10 

Sand Lake Hills

My mother is the greatest, because she serves others and still finds awesome things for me to do. She takes me to cool places all around the state and country.

My mom home-schools her two children. She helps my sister and me with our schoolwork. My mom takes us on “field trips” to places such as Washington, D.C.; California; Virginia; Georgia and Tallahassee. Two years in a row, my mom asked our representative in the Florida House of Representatives to sponsor me, so I could go to Tallahassee and serve as a page in the Florida House. As a page, I learned a lot about the legislative process. The experience was great, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my mom’s efforts.

My mom also was one of the founding members of the Connect Homeschool Group. She organizes activities for more than 60 families in the group and helps find interesting places for us to go.

Along with all the events she organizes for other people, my mom looks for other things for her own children to do. She let me join a robotics club, and I really enjoyed this season of robotics. My mom wants to find activities that interest and entertain me. I truly appreciate all that she does. With all these cool things she finds for me and others to do, my mom shows her love for me and serves others, too.

Finn Wright, 14 


Imagine a life where the only emotion you feel is happiness. That’s the kind of life my mommy gives me: the best life in Southwest, and I’ll tell you why.

She’s always there to keep our family stable. She works as hard as a bee, so she can pay the bills to keep a shelter around me and food to stay healthy. With all of the weight she holds on her shoulders, she has to take care of my two cats, dog and younger siblings.

Her love for us is deeper than a hole to China. Her golden hair and brown eyes make my smile light up. She always says that she wants us to have the perfect life, but with her around, she’s already given us that.

The way she helps my brother, sister and me through problems fascinates me and makes me wipe away my tears. My mother, Tania, encourages me to keep my grades up. Without her, I wouldn’t be the student I am now. With all of this effort, there’s no doubt that she’s hiding a medal somewhere.

Alexandra King,


When the world seems to turn its back on you, your mother will be there, right next to you.

Being a kid is hard sometimes. I might get frustrated with school, friends or my brother, but I always have my No. 1 fan who I can depend on for anything: my mommy. She is positive, a true chef and a creative producer.

My mommy is always in a great mood with a smile on her face. Somehow, magically, she makes everybody’s day a little bit better. Dinner is super-gourmet at my house. My mommy is a fabulous chef. She makes the recipes in her head, which I think is a true talent. My daddy and I have encouraged her to go on Master Chef. My favorite thing is when we wear aprons and cook together. The kitchen may be a mess, but, boy, do we have fun!

Since Mommy is a producer, she has a lot to accomplish in one day. But she still takes me on adventures, volunteers at school, plays Barbies and makes time to snuggle. We laugh until our bellies hurt, and sometimes, we sneak in girly tea parties. She taught me to be confident, a loyal friend and a person who goes out of her way to help others.

We agree that we will be best friends forever, and we love each other to the moon and back.

Aileen Schaked, 10 


My mother is the first person I met, my first teacher and my forever best friend. She not only shapes me into a better version of myself, but does it with unconditional love. I have been lucky to have such an amazing role model in my life. The role of a mother is a hard one to fill, but my mother makes it look effortless. Balancing raising three children, going back to college to earn her MBA, being a full-time Realtor, and maintaining a life for herself has made me believe that my mother is truly superwoman. She knew that all of this would not be easy, but did it out of love for her family.

My mother has been a hard worker all her life. Being the oldest of four siblings and born to immigrant parents, she started working at a young age in Canada. Because her parents often worked very long hours, she was considered the second mother of the family. Once she graduated from college, she pursued a successful political career. My mother has a motto that she still keeps to this day: “Family Comes First.” She is there when her family needs her, sacrificing for the ones she loves. This is what I admire about her the most. My mom exemplifies the truest form of love and sacrifice. She is my hero.

Antonia JeBailey, 13

South Bay

My mom is my best friend, because she is almost always in a good mood. She never tells a secret. She is loyal. She listens to me, and she plays with me. Even in the littlest ways, like writing in my binder, she makes me think she’s the best in Southwest.

Gabrielle Rousseau, 8

Westminster Landing

My mother is the best in Southwest and the universe because of who she is. She is loving, an amazing baker, a cool party decorator, a very focused real estate agent, a yoga enthusiast; and she enjoys helping elders.

My mom can handle me and my sister’s unique personalities. She is a travel critic, an artist at interior design, and loves to cook international food, for example, macaroons and focaccia breadsticks. My mom is so crafty. She also has a passion for fashion.

She is my No. 1 role model. My mother always takes time to spend with me. She loves to make homemade things. She doesn’t like to purchase store-bought items. My mother loves to joke around.

“Believe” is always part of her vocabulary, as some people don’t believe in believing. She loves to imagine and takes time to play board games. She is extremely active.

That’s why my mom is the best in Florida and Southwest Orlando.

Chloe Figueroa, 10


There are millions and millions of mothers out there. Each one possesses different talents and abilities. Most of them have children who are very proud of their mothers, but one mom stands out to me — my mother. She is amazing and just plain awesome. I am not saying she shoots out rainbows or has gumdrop hair, I am saying she is better than all that. She is better than a billion dollars, Buckingham Palace or anything else I could possibly imagine. She is all I could ever want and need.

My mom supports my dreams and opinions, because she wants me to succeed. Let’s not forget the times when she goes that extra mile, like when she helps out with the school play. She also gives me advice from her own experiences. She knows I have struggles in my life. She has them, too, but she tries her best to put me before herself.

I do not know what I would do without her. Would my life change? Yes! I cannot lose her; I need her to help build my future. I want her to be there when I go to prom, my wedding and to welcome my kids into the world. Without her, a huge chunk of my life would be gone.

I could go on and on, but sadly, I have a word maximum, and I need more like 50 million words. If I had to describe my mom in three words, they’d be “best mom ever!”

Emma Neary, 13 


You may think your mom is amazing and the best in Southwest, but think again and again until you get it right. Many things make my mom the best.

My mom is the best in Southwest, because she is special. No one I know is as kind and thoughtful. She also knows exactly what to say to lift up others and cheer them on. She is the most amazingly kind person.

My mom is so special to me. I can barely explain it. She was a gymnast just like I am, so she can help me with any struggles I have. Come to think of it, she also helps me when tough times come, like when my grandpa died.

My mom is special to my family, because if anyone gets hurt, she is there to help. My mom actually has her own business helping sick or hurt people. She helps me and my brother be organized and helps us to understand things we don’t understand.

For those reasons, she is the best mom in Southwest.

Peyton Bean,

Southwest Orlando

Does anyone know who are the most important people in Southwest? Well, it’s moms! Moms help with anything their families need. They take care of and support everything. This is why moms are important.

My mom helps me with anything I need. She helps me bake and make cakes and cupcakes for friends and family. She also helps me with any problems I have. She helps me with school projects. Wow! My mom really helps me a lot.

In addition, she takes care of my family, like 24/7. When I’m sick, she makes me delicious soup, even if the kitchen is a mess. Also, even if she is busy doing something important, she cleans up after my family’s big messes. She does anything to make my family happy.

She supports me, like when I do homework. My mom supports my religion classes and always waits for me in the car. She supports my mistakes and tells me that you learn from your mistakes.

In conclusion, she helps me with anything I need. She takes care of my family. Well, I give you my mom. Hope you like her!

Jade NaranjoRoman, 10 

Berkshire Park

My mom is the best in Southwest Orlando, because she loves me more than the moon, the sky and the stars. I’m her favorite child. She worries about us even if she leaves for a minute. She forgives me the second I do something wrong. She takes time off to do stuff with me. When she leaves for work, she hugs me so tightly, she squeezes me like a python. Whenever my brother or dad tease me, she’s like a lawyer defending me. That’s why my mom is the best.

Dawood Siddiqui,

Cypress Isle

Given there are millions and millions of moms out in the world, there are many very good moms. However, there are many unmatchable qualities that make the best mom stand out. My mom is the best mom in the world.

It is important to note that my mom is an extremely hard worker. She is always willing to finish work. She works hard all day and even though she is tired before she finishes, my mom still completes it without a complaint. She does not give up, but instead powers through to the end. My mom is an achiever when it comes to any endeavor.

My mom is kind and helpful to everyone. She is never one to forget her manners, always politely greeting people who walk by. Behind the wheel, my mom allows cars to cut ahead of her courteously. This constant pleasant attitude creates good feelings in everyone around her. My mom is willing to lend a hand. She never will walk by a littered napkin on the floor without trashing it. My mom is generous and sets a good model for the world. Can any other mom match mine?

With all this in mind, there is no denying that my mom is the best mom in the world. No other mom can meet her outstanding qualities.

Shu Komatsu, 13 

Woodglens of Windermere

My mom plays a huge role in who I am today. She is the kind of mom that every kid wants. She has raised three beautiful, intelligent and amazing children. She made a sacrifice to leave her family in Nigeria to come to America for her kids’ education.

My mom tries her best to take me and my siblings out, even if it means not getting any rest. On the days she is off work, she is busy cleaning the house or doing laundry. Right now, she is in college trying to get her degree, and she still maintains a full-time job and being a mom.

She taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and I follow that message every day of my life. It matters more about the quality of my work and not its quantity. She taught me to always try my best, to treat everyone equally, and not to give up when things get hard. She tells me to be honest at all times, because in the end, lies always hurt more. She instills the importance of family and doing well at school.

She is my mother, the greatest influence in my life. I would not trade her for anything in the world. If I wrote about everything she has done for me, I would fill up 1,000 pages.

Ademilola Aderibigbe, 12 

Frisco Bay

My mom is amazing, because she is hardworking. She brings me to things every Wednesday and picks me up from school. She is hardworking, because she provides a home for our family, and she cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My mom also takes our family to church. One day she came home and was so tired from working hard all day, but she pushed through it.

My mom drives us all around. She drives me to piano; my sister, Mackenzie, to cheer; and my brother, Austin, to baseball and soccer. My mom packs my lunch every day, and that makes me happy.

Another reason that my mom is the best is because she volunteers at my school and my sister’s cheer gym. She volunteers at the school many hours each week. Being the PTO president, she helps with everything you can imagine.

My mom is a positive Christian leader. She does a Bible study and follows the word of God. She prays for me, and she takes me to church. My mom takes Bible study, because she wants everybody to know about Jesus.

I am so happy Jesus picked her to be my mom. I plan to keep her and love her my entire life.

Ava Rearden,

Lake Down Cove

What makes a mom drive out in the rain or snow to get you? Love makes her do these things, the crazy things no one else does for you. I know my mom is the best, because she shows me she loves me with every crazy thing she does.

My mom has cared about my education since I was born. She had me attend every single story reading to educational class since I can remember. She cared so much that she took me to anything that would grow my knowledge. Equally important, my mom had me listen to and learn classical music. She had me learn Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, so I would be educated on every level. My mom also had me on one instrument after another. To illustrate, she had me on various instruments, so I could play any instrument I wanted.

My mom is there for me. If I am sick, my mother will come and get me no matter how far away I am. If I’m all the way down in Key West, she’ll drive all 395.7 miles to get me. Even if I just catch the common cold, she makes sure I’m OK. My mom is the most supportive person I know. She makes sure I don’t quit and that I enjoy the programs I’m in.

My mother is the best mother in Southwest. Even though she sometimes drives me crazy, I know she is the best because she loves me.

Nicole Crow, 11


My mom is the best mom ever, because she plays with me and loves me. I love my mom, because she helps me when I fall down, and I am bleeding and get hurt. When Dad is not there, Mom plays dodgeball with me outside. She also takes me to the store and other fun places. I love my mom very much.

Samuel Brown,

Grande Pines

Did you know it is soon going to be Mother’s Day? I know, because my mom is the best in Southwest.

My mom is a really good person. Once we were at Steak ‘n Shake, and Mommy bought a meal for a homeless man. What a great role model she is for me.

My mom is also a teacher. These days it’s hard to teach, because you have to teach according to the FSA standards, and you don’t know what’s going to be on the test. It is also hard, because sometimes she has to act like a mom to her students, because they bring their problems with them to school.

My mom is also a teacher to me at home. There are many things she teaches me all the time, every single day. She teaches me to be a kind and polite person, and she makes sure I take care of our pet. Mommy also makes sure I do well in school and that I always have a full belly and a warm bed to sleep in. She makes sure I understand the importance of learning, reading and family.

For all these reasons, I know that my  mom is the best in Southwest.

Caitlin Causey,

Lake Rose Pointe

You do not know how much I love you. If God said to me that I could pick any mother out of the whole wide world, I would pick you. Do you know what God did? He gave me you! I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Every day I go to school and miss you all day long. I want to be with you the whole day, every day. Every time someone is mean to me, I want to just hug you tightly.

Every time I see your beautiful face, you make me have a beautiful smile. I know for a gigantic fact we would be best friends at school. I love every time we have fun together. I love my sister, Lindsay, and you know we are so close, but I can’t wait for her to move to college, because I would spend soooo much more time with you!

You are like a queen. You tell me what to do (nicely), and you can reward me, too! And you are super nice all the time. The most important thing is that you are beautiful, even though you do not know it. Every time I fall, you pick me right back up. When I cry, I know what shoulder I can cry on.

I love you to the moon and back again, and if you want, I can go three times around and back again. I will always be your little girl.

Katie Newsom, 12 

Keenes Pointe

My mom has many talents. She is very good at what she does. That’s why my mom is the best in Southwest.

She is a great cook. She makes me breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day. She is there when I need her, and she is very dependable. My mom is pretty. We always joke around.

We like different teams. She likes the Patriots, and I like the Seahawks. We always debate on who’s going to win.

My mom is always there to pick me up when I fall. She is very funny and makes me laugh a lot. She runs races like it’s nothing. She is fun to play with. One time, we made me look like a girl and played a joke on my dad. It was very funny. I put on makeup and everything!

My mom never lets me down. When we get into a fight, we always get over it. When I am feeling sad, she makes me glad. She helps me with homework. Sometimes we figure out the problem, sometimes we don’t. My mom is a great person. That’s why she is the best in Southwest.

Brendon Hensley, 9

Stone Creek

My mom is special to me, because she’s intelligent, awesome and an amazing cook. So keep her in mind and see why she’s the best in Southwest.

My mom is intelligent to me, because she has a great job and still manages to be our class homeroom mom. My mom is a hard worker, and I appreciate it, because she’s the reason my brother and I have a roof over our heads.

My mom is awesome, because when I need something, she’s there for me. If I’m sad, she cheers me up. My mom also gives me wet kisses. Those are the best sometimes! My mom even got me a kitten. Her name is Cali.

My mom and I love to cook together. I love when we make cupcakes and cake. Once we made a cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. It was delicious. My mom’s a fantastic baker!

There’s so many, many reasons why I love my mom so much. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for having the best mom in Southwest!

Chloe Miller,

Dr. Phillips

A mother is someone you look up to and admire growing up. A longing for your mother’s arms is always present. My mother will always be first in my heart with her unique qualities that make her stand out from the other countless number of mothers in the world.

With the attributes of support, reception and strength, my mother is incomparable. She shows her love from driving to competitions and screaming at the top of her lungs to letting me cry on her shoulder when times are rough. I never appreciated what she was doing for me, and it took me a while to express my gratitude. She is always there to reinforce me along the way, which makes her the diamond in a crown of jewels.

Another reason my mother is the best is her nature of welcoming everyone into her arms. Whoever you are, my mother will be there to great you with warmth, acceptance and love. Her affection extends to whomever needs it. Not only does she help me and my family, but she also helps everyone, caring for each person in a different yet equally loving way.

But, most of all, my mother gives me strength. She encourages me to reach for my goals and potential, but also to go further when going for my ambitions. She constantly tells me to study hard and reach for the stars.

My mother will always be my backbone, and I love her beyond what words can describe.

Aashi Mendpara, 13 

Phillips Oak

Do you know why my mom is the best? I know why.

It all started when my dad started yelling at me, because I had lied. Then my mom rescued me by telling my dad that it was an accident that I ate the last piece of pizza. I thought I had eaten two of them, but I really ate three.

One year, I wanted to go to Disney so badly, but we could not afford it. My mom started to save up her money. She worked hard by going into work early and staying late. She even went to work on Saturdays just to make extra money.

Finally, the day came, and my wish came true. My mom did not only surprise me by taking me to Walt Disney World, but she took me to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! I was excited, I was surprised, but most of all, I was thankful for my mom’s sacrifice. That was the best day of my life, because I almost never get to hang out with my mom.

I would never pick anyone else to be my mother.

Zayla Paucar,

Emerald Ridge

My mom is the best in Southwest Orlando, because she is so many things in so many ways. She’s kind, she has a big heart, she’s helpful and much more.

There’s so many things about her, I can’t explain them all. When I’m down, she cheers me up. She makes my birthday parties special. She never ever gives up, and she always tries her best. She makes me laugh and helps me fix all my problems.

My mom is great and awesome! That’s why my mom’s the best in Southwest Orlando.

Ava Cordero,


Why is my mom the best? Well, there are lots of answers to that question. One thing for sure is that there is no bond as strong as one between a mother and her child.

My mom gives me lots of advice, and she helps me with my homework. I never understood why my mom nagged me all the time, but I now know it is because she loves me. There is no one out there who loves me unconditionally other than my mom. Friends may come and go, but my mom will always be there for me.

As we grow up happily thinking that we are growing to better things, we cling to anyone who is remotely kind, realizing that the love of a mother is rare and wonderful. My mom is the only one who is there every night before I go to bed. She’s the only one who cares to hear about my day. She is the only one who actually listens when I talk and doesn’t mind spending hours watching me try to find my clothes for school.

My mom is the one I tell good news and bad news and shop with. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses. One thing my mom wouldn’t forget is my birthday. She also tells me when I’m a brat. I know she will be standing beside me when everyone else is gone.

Adriana Rosario, 10 


I think my mom is the best, because she takes good care of me, helps me, plays with me, never ever steers me wrong, and she loves me. Mom is the queen. P.S. I love you, Mom!

Lucy Lampkin,

Estates at Windermere

My mom is caring, because when I woke up one morning, I didn’t feel well. I called my mom to my room. She found out I was sick and gave me extra love and helped me get better.

My mom is helpful, because in first grade, I had trouble tying my shoe. Everyone laughed at me. I asked everyone for help, but they ignored me. One day, my mom sat next to me and said, “Don’t give up and keep trying to get help. You need to choose who you trust to help.” My mother helps me with my schoolwork. When I need advice, she is willing to help.

Another reason my mom is the best is because she’s loving. She gives me hugs when I’m sad. She makes my soul happy when it’s sad. She also draws pictures of our family with hearts around them. She gives them to me, and when I see them, I say, “Thank you.” Sometimes I run to my room and secretly cry, because the pictures make my heart happy. I am so joyful and blessed to have a nice mom.

Bella ShererRamos,


Who loves you and cares for you unconditionally? I don’t know about you, but my mom is an expert at that. She is always there for me with her loving smile, warm hugs and encouraging words. She laughs when others need cheering up. She stays strong in the winds of a hurricane. Most importantly, she lives in other people’s shoes, sees through their eyes, and even feels with their hearts.

Even when I am sick, she helps me become well, despite my condition. My mom isn’t forced to wake up early and do the laundry or wash the dishes. She isn’t forced to make me meals every single day and take me on special trips and vacations around the world with my dad and sister. We don’t force her. She does everything on her own, and she does it out of pure love for us, and that’s all I need from her. Love!

Even without her taking us to extra-fun and learning activities, I would still love her, no exceptions. Why? My mom’s one in a million, stands out in a billion, and even though she makes mistakes, she’s human. She’s perfect in my eyes! My mom would dig through a haystack to find the world’s tiniest needle for me. She is easily the best mom in Southwest, and, undoubtedly, the whole wide world.

Madison Modlin, 11 


I love Mom. She is the best mom in Southwest. And when I go to her room, she says to me that she is very lucky to have me. When I am running on the track, and I get tired, she encourages me not to give up. Sometimes when I want hot chocolate from Starbucks, my mom says yes. And when I don’t want her to bring cupcakes to my classroom, she still does, because she loves when everybody is happy, especially me.

My mom is the best. She cares about me. She loves me no matter what, and that’s what I love about my mom. She is the best mom on Earth.

Miranda Delvalle,


My mom is the best in the Wild West, because she lets me invite my friends over. Every time I am sad, she tells me jokes to make me happy. She also makes me laugh by blowing a bubble and letting it pop on her face. And she works 24 hours just to feed me.

She plays soccer with me when no one else wants to play, but she needs to improve her kicking. She jogs with me, and we go to different places, but sometimes she gets tired, and we have to stop. Then we go again.

If I didn’t have her, I would be desperate and would not be able to go to school or soccer games and practices. I couldn’t live without the best mom in Southwest. She also gets me new shoes whenever I get good grades.

Even if she is sick, she still takes care of me. And you don’t even know what me and my mom do on weekends. We party all night. We have the night of our lives. After that, there is no going back.

Carlos Brignoni, 10 

Sand Lake Hills

Let me tell you why my mom is the best. My mom is the best, because she is nice to me. She does my hair really good. She takes care of me really well. She takes me to fun places. She took me on roller coaster rides with my friends. She takes me around the world. She took me to Maryland, Georgia, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. She lets me bring toys to school. That’s why my mom is the best.

Ayla Cummings,

Bronsons Landing

My mom is the best mom in Southwest Orlando because she is the special one in my heart. She helps me do my homework. One time, I helped make dinner, but I added too much salt.

My mom is there for me when I need her. I think she has a sixth sense for when I really need her the most. My mom is kind, because she takes me to Downtown Disney, even after school! She is funny and makes me laugh when I am sad. Also, when I get hurt, she is very caring.

When my mom makes me dinner, she looks up yummy recipes on YouTube. Every night she tries to make something new. She is also very protective when I have sleepovers at a friend’s house. If I go outside to play, she watches me like a hawk. She is special to me in her own way. She tries to do her best to care for me and my sisters. She always tells me, “I would go in front of a car or bullet to save you.” I never really understood it, but now I think I do. One time we were eating brownies and there were only two left. She was about to take a bite, but gave them all to me. That is what a true mom would do.

Sofia Vermilya, 10 

Southwest Orlando

My mom is so wonderful for reasons I could never put into words. She has my back no matter what. I love her so much, and I would never in a million years trade her for anyone. Every day, she strives to let me know how precious I am to her and how much she loves me. Her joy is so evident, whether she’s having a good day or not. She puts my and my family’s needs before her own. She works so hard to provide for our family and to always get me where I need to be. She is such a great example to me and truly cares about me.

When I get into the car after school, she is ecstatic to hear about my day. I know she would do anything for me, and she truly deserves to win. She deserves to win, not because of what I am writing, but because of how truly amazing she is.

My mom really cares about me and tries her best to parent me well, and her hard work is paying off. My mom constantly uses everyday examples to help sharpen and grow me. I love her so much, and she makes me want to strive to do my best and glorify God in all I do. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

Kate Pickens, 13 


My mother is the best mom in the whole Southwest. She cooks, cleans and helps around the house. She takes me shopping, to the hair salon, and we also go to get our nails done.

Whenever I go to sleep, she comes into my room, and we pray together. Also, every single day, she makes the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another thing that I love doing with my mom is going out to eat together. When I go to school, I absolutely love it when she volunteers. Sometimes, after she volunteers, she eats lunch with me.

There is also something else I love doing … going to Disney World on my birthdays! When I need her help with schoolwork, she is there. Whenever I get sick, she always has the right medicine. When she cleans, I help her, because it is a great bonding exercise. When she takes me to birthday parties, she sometimes joins in on the fun. When she takes me to tennis, sometimes she stays and watches. Also, when I am at piano lessons, my mom is allowed to watch me play. One last thing that I love to do with my mom is play minigolf with her and her best friend, Ciro. It is fun when he plays with me and my mom.

And those are some ways why I think my mom is the best. I love her, and I always will.

Carmen Tusa,

Reserve at Belmere

My mom’s best, because she takes care of me in such a loving and kind way. She teaches me lots of new things, and she is so funny. She makes me happy whenever I look at her. She takes me to tons of places and shows me cool things. I love to read with her, and when it’s a cold day, we have hot cocoa, read and talk on the couch. She takes me to fun and interesting movies. She loves me, and I love her. For all these reasons, she’s the best mom in the world.

My mom cares for me and loves me. If I ever fall and need a Band-Aid, I can count on her. If my homework is too hard, she offers suggestions for what I should do — from the littlest, teeny things to the biggest problems.

But she is more than simply a mother. She serves as a role model for me in life. I love the way my mom cares about the community by giving meals to neighbors and friends in need. She also helps out at church.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Maria Costa Figueiredo, 10 


My mom is the best in the Southwest of Florida. She is astonishingly incredible! She encourages me to follow my dreams, no matter how hard or risky the adventure is. She is super fantastico! She is beautiful, kind, helpful and loves me to infinity and beyond.

She picks me up from school, feeds me, takes care of me, and is really funny. Why I’m saying these great things about my mom is because it’s all true. She is a wonderful mom, and a great room mom, too. I love her as much as she loves me. She raised me really well and entertains me a lot. She likes to help me with my homework.

We also spend time together on weekends. We even watch Bollywood movies together when my dad is out of town for work. And I’m proud to be her son. She also has a beautiful name, and I will tell you it right now. Her first name is Courtney, and her last name is Herrmann. She takes me to amazing restaurants, and she does the best things for me. She is always there for me. She loves her family and me, no matter what. She stands up for me when I’m depressed or bullied.

And that’s why she is the best mom in the universe.

Zane Herrmann,


The staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin extends special thanks to the following schools that participated in the 25th annual Best Mom in Southwest contest: Dr. Phillips, Lake Whitney, Sand Lake, Thornebrooke, Whispering Oak and Windermere elementary schools; Holy Family Catholic School; Humphreys Junior High; Windy Ridge School; Premier Academy; The First Academy; and Windermere Preparatory School.

Editor’s note: Entries may have been edited for grammar, punctuation, length and content. To pay tribute to as many “Best Moms” as possible, School News and In Your Neighborhood do not appear in this issue. 

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