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Dsm 5 Personality Disorder Case Study

Joe Fuller has PPD or Paranoid Personality Disorder. Joe lived with 3 siblings, mom, dad, and when Joe was 11 his grandmother came to live with them because she could not take care of herself. They lived in a lower middle class neighborhood. In school Joe did exceptionally well getting the highest grades possible, and even correcting his teachers. Although Joe did well in school he was rude. Joe made fun of those who could not get an A in a class, and when he corrected his teachers he would laugh and mock them. Joe is considered very arrogant, and always thought he was better than everyone else. Joe had troubles with relationships in his  life because he felt like they were taking his ideas, and couldn't form a trust with anyone. Therefore he avoided crowds of people. Despite his struggles with people Joe eventually got a girlfriend named Carla, but she later left him, and this made Joe seek revenge. Later in life Joe got another girlfriend who eventually became his wife and her name was Ruth. In this relationship Joe got his first job. He was employed at a drug company. While working Joe showed such hostility towards his coworkers that he was asked to resign 3 years in. His second job Joe would work at a university, but got fired because he accused the school of trying to kill him with radiation in the laboratory. During this event Joe thought his wife was out to steal his ideas, and they divorced. They also had one daughter. Later on Joe started getting panic attacks, and he went to a doctor who directed him to a psychiatrist. “The treatment did not work because Joe didn't believe he had a mental disorder.” These panic attacks continued, and Joe got his third job as a taxi driver. 15 years down the road Joe still believe that his wife betrayed him, and he never went back to a psychiatrist to get more treatment.  Joe had all of the signs of PPD, and possibly more. This is possible because according to Sevencountries.org “Oftentimes, a person can be diagnosed with more than just one personality disorder. Research has shown that there is a tendency for personality disorders within the same cluster to co-occur (Skodol, 2005).”


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